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Real Taoism Exorcism – Why not DIY?

As you might have heard of the term “exorcism” which is always and commonly understood as “evil busting”. Isn’t that just so straight forward? You got spiritual problems or evils bugging you or threaten you, you need exorcist to help you exorcise with exorcism. Great, now you have got all three terminologies learned! Tin Yat Lineage of Taoism is guaranteed the “best of the best in Exorcism” as we always said. Well that’s not just a simple slogan, it’s actually real and it’s because of our hard earned experience in 15 years encountering many different types of evils, spiritual cases, sorcery attacks and even lethal magic attacks. None of them end with a fail, victory is always on our side because we are positive and our heart is totally against evils. Our main concept in the lineage is “zeor.negatives”. Meaning that we are so oppose to evils and negatives that our cultivation is to let the practitioner or students to become zero.negatives. By exorcising all the evils and negatives that come into your life will not only benefit yourself but also others who are around you such as your family and friends. Having negatives or evils in you is like a deadly disease, you will affect others around you, bringing bad luck, illness, and draining the people around you. Therefore, it is very important to stay zero.negatives and be oppose to evils. You got to hate it to the guts or else any exorcism cannot help you. Now let’s take a look at how exorcism should be done and not done. There are just so many religions in the world but not much of them are good to go for exorcism for sure. Let me tell you why by explaining the theories in there.

First, you got to know that we human have three souls (Soul.Celestial, Soul.Physical, Soul.Mental) and seven spirits which are seven energy fields that are generated from the internals of our body. These apply to all human beings. If you are not sure about what I am talking about, please refer to our article on “Taoism VS Reincarnation” to learn about this theory in details. The seven spirits are actually like seven energy fields or layers of energies that are guarding and protecting our body from external energy influences or invasion. Having said that, your internal organs must be strong and healthy to have a good condition energy field. Human’s regular energy field are not condense but loosely held together like a foggy mist form which just floats on top of our body’s surface. This energy field protects you from many external factors. Human’s energy are “positive” by nature and so we attract only positive things to our life. If your energy field is negative, you only attract negative things to your life. The energy field is very cool, it attracts and welcome things alike, but it repels things that are oppose or not alike. Therefore, if you body is healthy, the energy field is positive, then you will repel energy of illness, sadness, grumpiness, evils and so on. If you are bad luck, sick and negative, your energy field becomes negative and you will start to welcome negative things to your life and positive things will get bounce off. Therefore, staying healthy is one very essential thing and that is why we always teach people to cultivate Taoism for good health as a foundation for this reason. The seven spirits are generated by the internal organs and so if you know how to strengthen the organs, and your mind being positive, you will get stronger with the seven spirits and energy fields. No matter how hard you try, human being all got a limit and so your energy field cannot exceed the natural limit by nature. Human beings’ energy field can repel normal and light negatives such as illness, viruses, bacteria, sadness and so on. If you got weaker, then you will experience more sadness, illness, and so on. Normally, you are capable of repelling these small negatives. Stronger negatives such as evil spirits, ghosts, demons, evil god, sorcery, evil magic, and so on are very dense and hard hitting which your normal energy field cannot be strong enough to repel or fight back. Therefore, if you are attacked by any of these, your body reacts at first by trying and attempting to repel them but they will fail at last and you will get the suffer and pain as a result. That is why you cannot do any exorcism yourself with any DIY methods just because your energy is not dense and strong enough for the job.

In Jesus-style of exorcism or any praying oriented religions, their theory of exorcism is very stupid and not efficient. These people believe more people equals more power and so they often gather a group of people or a large group of people to gang up on the patient. If a person got spiritual possession problem and was brought to church for exorcism, people will gather up in a big group and do some bible reading or praying together to “help” the patient exorcise the “devils” or “evils”. What they are doing is trying to gather up a large amount of loosely held energy fields and surround the possessed patient and try to push the evil with that crappy energy cluster to make the evil suffer and go away. That is always why when it comes to exorcism with these prayer style religions, people who got the spiritual problems are often screaming, acting violently, and going crazy. It’s not because the exorcism is powerful, it’s because the exorcism is not working and the patient is being tortured by the evil because the evil is trying to you guys to F**k off. These religions are no good for exorcism because they don’t even have the correct method to do it and their power is way too weak to do the job. It’s now like trying to use forty or fifty baby fist to knock down a MMA fighter, can you believe how funny that will look? Yes, it’s so annoying for the fighter to have all these crazy babies around and so why don’t he just yell and scream them off? It’s just a waste of time to go to these religions for exorcism, they don’t know what they are doing and what they are dealing with. You are wasting your time and also dragging the case which made the problem even worst. It’s even better to not do anything if you are going to these places. These religions are not a path to go if you are looking for exorcism. Their system is not even professional in this field. So if you got spiritual problems, don’t get these baby fists to fight off that bully for you.

In some possession-style lineages, such as those who claim can possess the monkey king, general kwan, or even some deities or Buddha to get magical power is not a good path either. The reason is what they are doing is getting evil spirits to possess to fight off evils. Let me tell you one thing, real deities and immortals do not possess human being and they will never do. I can communicate with Taoverse Deity but he will never possess us because it cannot be done and there is no need for it to be done. Only evil spirits will do these possession for people because by possessing the people, the evil spirits will be able to drain their energy as food, drain their health for boosting their own energy, and having fun fooling people around making them think they are cool and powerful. Some naive people do believe these are real god and deities that possess them and they often lead themselves to a deadly trap. The monkey king for example is very famous for possession. Many “masters”, even in the west, like to claim they can be possess by the monkey king. Do you know what the monkey king is and why it is so famous? Let me tell you, that is a character in a novel called “Journey to the West” which was a novel written by a Buddhist back in the Ming Dynasty. Yes, it’s nothing different from X-MAN, Superman, Batman and all these characters. Now do you feel being scammed? Well, not to surprise you more, the Buddhism temples later on did made a statue to worship the monkey king in their religion as well and gave it a Buddhism name called “The Buddha of War”. Putting a character from a novel on their altar to worship and telling you that’s a Buddha, can you now imagine how many things in the religion is real if they can do this? Now, how can Batman or Spiderman possess a “master”? No it cannot and that is why it is a scam. These masters are mainly in two categories. One is that they are scamming people for it and so they are just acting and pretending to act like what they claim to possess them. One is that they use evil magic to summon evil gods or evil spirits to possess them and act like what they claim to possess them in some sort of magical way. Both of them are not good anyway. If they use evil spirits, ghosts, or evil gods to possess themselves and do things, that means they have converted their energy into the negative side and so what they do to you is always negative and they are just harming you further, giving more energy to the evils that is haunting you. That is why going to these people are no good. You won’t get any progress here, you might get some reactions from it because the two evil spirits work together to fool you, but later on, it will come back again and again which the evil spirits then brainwash you to make you go back and give all you money to the master for help. This is not a path to go, don’t be scammed or tricked!

Some people like to focus on selling DIY kits for exorcism and they often just sell you a few things and tell you to do it yourself. With praying, some simple spells and some of their empowered tools. This will not work either because you do not even have any energy on you that is powerful enough to do any exorcism job. This is not a game, you need seriously condensed and effective power to do it. Therefore, DIY will never work and you will just drag the case for a longer period of time which result in making the problem worst for yourself and it’s not worth it.

Taoism, in Tin Yat Lineage, we are way different from the above. We do exorcism in a very powerful and effective way. We cultivate this special energy we called “faat” which is the magical power in Taoism. This energy is very condensed, powerful and it’s nature is super positive which is like a killer for the evils. Even we don’t move, the evils get near us will feel burning as if they are on fire, that’s how devastating our energy is. Our energy is the ultimate positive type which is much more powerful and positive than a normal human being’s energy. To have this and upkeep this, we have to agree and obey to the Tin Yat Lineage’s protocol which is to oppose to evils, hate evils to the guts, never do evil magic and cultivate any evil stuff, etc,. With this requirement, we are able to cultivate and achieve this super magical power that allow us to perform extreme exorcism. To us, there is no hassle in exorcism, one chop with a wooden sword will kill one or more ghosts. If you got evil spirits possessing you, one move will get it all done and over. These evils cannot survive under our magical power, it will die for sure. Our theory is, if one evil spirit is bugging you, we will kill that spirit for you. If their relatives and friends are planning to revenge, we will kill all of them for you and so there are nothing left behind to worry about. We do not leave any hassle behind for the patient to worry about. Once it’s done, it’s all done. In Buddhism, people always say “if you always fight back, when will the revenge ends?” That is totally a wrong concept. You have to know, if you fight back and people get a chance to fight back, it means you are not doing the job clean and correctly only. If you can kill the whole lineage of that evil, how will they be even able to “plan” to revenge? We got the true power of exorcism and so that’s how we do things. They want to mess with human? Too bad, this is not a place for them at all. Of course, we do not do things for free because we are providing exorcism service as a form of our temple’s service and so of course there is a fee to it. If we give it to you free, it will be very unfair for others. You pay the hospital for surgery and medical care too right? It make total logical sense to have a fee for exorcism. We give you good quality exorcism and so we charge you a reasonable fee for that to give you the service you want. The world runs like this and that is how we can sustain in business to provide the service to more people who need the service as well. Just by saying if you need exorcism later on in your future, you would always want to have us around too right? So this fee is to help us sustain in business and so you can come back to us later on as well. We are working so hard for the business and ourselves to keep going on and providng these services to people like you all. Think logically before you complain about having to pay for exorcism. Be reasonable, be logical, be fair. If a person can offer you free exorcism service, you better becareful. It could be a scam or it will not work at all. Don’t go for freebies, it’s not good quality for sure!

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Mak Jo Si Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario inside Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kungfu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is positive, friendly, trustworthy and skillful! (more info…)

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