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Taoism VS I Kuan Dao

Taoism VS I Kuan Dao

Taoism VS I Kuan Dao

What is I Kuan Dao? It is a religion, a new age religion that was born to claim they are a 5-in-1 religion, blending the Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam, and Jesus. What this is originally is a secret society in China aorund 1970. It was banned in Taiwan and China back then until 1987 (approx) because it is considered to be “evil religions”. This is a scammer religion and a scammer path trying to bring people false hope and false information. All the religions they say they have incorporated into their system complain about this path, they all say this I Kuan Dao path have mislead people by translating the other religion’s scripture in a wrong way, mis-interpret it and explained it in a crooked way to mislead people to think abuot something else. I am a master in Taoism and let me tell you, they really don’t know a thing about Taoism.

This is not going to be a historical research article and so we are not going to flood you with numbers and dates. What I am sharing here is real experience with I Kuan Dao, not just some researched information. So let me go on by sharing you something that I personally encountered myself!

I Kuan Dao have got many other sects around the world and they are the same thing but in different names. Some are called “Tien Di Religion”, some are called “Pre Heaven Sect, Shin Tien Dao”, some are even in different names. Whatever it is, as long as they relate to the same idea, it’s the same system. In their history, this religion was banned in Taiwan first because it was a devil religion trying to help the Japanese army to conquer the place. Back then, these people work with the Japanese people and forced the people in Taiwan to believe it and must worship their “god plate” at home to avoid being killed. If the armies go into your house and see this plate, they will give you a chance to escape. If you don’t, you get killed. So this have been stopped and banned by the Taiwanese and also China for a period of time.

Mixing Taoism and other religion is just impossible. As I have mentioned in the past, Taoism cannot be mixed with Buddhism and Jesus style religion or any other “god oriented” religion because they will contradict and their theory don’t even go well together. Now how can you mix Taoism with these other paths? That means these people in the I Kuan Dao have already made up false translation of the Taoism’s text. I was lucky enough to encountered a few I Kuan Dao students in the past and they all gave me the same introduction and that is “everything is Tao, and so I Kuan Dao is not a religion, it’s a TAO”. What are they talking about? These people are trying to use some quotes for the Tao Te Ching, of course they got it wrong and that is why it doesn’t make sense at all! If you are unsure or don’t know what the real Tao Te Ching is about, here, let me welcome you to visit our “Tao Te Ching Truth Reveal” page which I have translated the Tao Te Ching with comparison to some western scholar’s version and you will see how hilarious these scholars are and how misleading they can be. These I Kuan Dao guys are no different from these scholars at all.

When I met one of these I Kuan Dao student, all I know is that they have been flooded by evil magic, they are completely haunted. Since this lady knew her new I Kuan Dao friend, the friend already got her over to their temple after the first time talking. You can see how these people promote the religion, it’s so pushing and so fast. The first time the lady was invited to the temple, she was told that she have fate with the path and she should join the religion right away. People then gang up on her and gave her some pressure and told her to join the path because it’s good for her and she should bring her daughter along too. They then go on and say that it’s not any belief, it’s just like learning from a classroom, they are just teaching you useful wisdom in a classroom and all yuo need to do is join as a member and learn it, it won’t conflict with any belief you have. Well, if you are told the same thing, let me tell you, it WILL conflict with us real Taoism at least. So they are lying. Yes, they don’t mind you get in their club with other belief at the back, because they just want you in. If you are in my lineage, I will kick you out if you got into these clubs. It’s no big no-no! After she got in the club and brought her daughter into the club, they started to listen to lectures and they thought it was pretty good because it’s just talking about some text from sages and teaching you ways to “be a human being” or the right way to live a life, etc,. She was fooled by the names of the sages only but forgot what was told inside the lecture is totally different. During the mean while, she was being haunted down by the evil magic from the guys at the temple! They started to have many pressure around when they go there, feel something is pressing down, gone bad luck, things are like in chaos, their life started to turn down slope. Why is this happening? Well, you might not know but the religion is not just a belief, it’s a religion that was flooded with evil magic, it haunt the believers down and will curse you with it to make you stay. Of course, some people got curse so deep that they will really turn into a zombie for the religion. Some will react to the negatives right away and don’t feel right after a while and wanted to quit. Those that stayed will turn into zombie for the religion and those that are trying to leave will be gang up on by the people who stayed. That’s how it worked, it’s just freaky.

Another person I have encountered was from a huge I Kuan Dao temple, this person came to us for exorcism service. This lady called in our temple and ask us for exorcism service and inquired about her case. It was since she went to this I Kuan Dao temple, she never felt right, recently she wanted to leave and she was gang up on by the “elder brothers in lineage” and everybody was going after her. She felt the physical problem going on but also the spiritual attacks! She start to see ghosts, hear illusionary sounds and voice, see black figures around and sometimes even see spirits around as well in human shapes. She cannot sleep since then and it was like the whole world turn upside down for her. She lost her job since then and cannot go back to work. After a while, she go bankrupted and now she is homeless. Man.. that was a tragedy but that’s how bad the evil magic can go! She actually came to our temple later on and she was with backpack with all her dirty clothing and that’s all she got! Can you believe this is actually real? She is not lying though, she really know how the temple is and she is really from I Kuan Dao! She told me that people actually shared the robes there for ceremony use and it was so smelly to put them all too. Everything inside the system is rotten and people just got fooled by their outer layer. So this lady was deeply cursed by the I Kuan Dao people, how nice of them to show love in this kind of way! If you are going to get out of I Kuan Dao, you better watch out for these curses! If you are going to quit but got problems with these, we can help, don’t hesitate to get us to help you out!

One more I Kuan Dao guy I have encountered was even more hilarious. He met us first time at our temple and he is a real estate agent. Turns out the funny thing is he started to sell me I Kuan Dao instead of talking about the real estate that we are suppose to talk about! He was so hyped about this I Kuan Dao thing that you can see he talk without using his brain. Everything that flip out of his mouth don’t make logical sense but he seems to be very okay with them. The things he have promoted to me are just so weird and he was telling me that their temple is renovating to build a “big Buddha” and so we should contribute by donating. In the past, you donate $1 and you get $1 worth of karma credit. This time, you donate $1 and you will get $10000 karma credits! What a nice deal! What is he talking about?! Do you understand even a bit of what he is saying? He seems like he does really get it though! What is the karma credit and why helping them to build a Buddha statue give you such a great deal? It’s crazy. He is like a zombie to the religion, I am speechless. His aura and energy field was super dark, his face was greenish, pale and gray, it is just a deeply cursed and haunted color. He is in deep trouble.. I can see he will have super bad luck soon. Two years later, he came back to our temple to visit and he got into a car accident, his right eye was covered, with arms strapped to the body, walking even more like a zombie. Is this good karma credit from the Buddha?

The main problem with this religion is that it is not only a scam, it is a way to get cursed, get haunted and get gang up by the I Kuan Dao people. The religion is just so deadly that you might not even imagine it to be that bad. Their things are fake for sure but the evil magic is real. The internal of the religion is rotten and totally evil. If you are not bothered by the scamming materials they teach, you should be aware of the evil magic behind! This is not a joke, they are evil and totally just not a path to go! Symptoms of being cursed and haunted is that you feel negative, loose confidence, don’t feel like yourself, lost direction in life, feel lost and empty, depress and stressed, vision dimming, feel cold all the time, surrounding is feeling strange and weird, hear voices a the back of your mind, hear voices talking to you in the mind, see illusions, see ghosts, see imagines of scary things when you close your eyes, see black things around the corner of your eyes all the time, life style change dramatically, wanted to change your sex, feel like doing bad things, feel like wanting to sacrifice your body to the religion, wanted to give your whole body to the religion, feel like Buddha is talking to you, feel like god is talking to you, feel creepy and scared, feel being followed, feel unsecure all the time, etc,. If you aren’t sure, let me check it for you and tell you if you got cursed or not. We will be able to help you out! Contact me by e-mail! – My direct e-mail address! (Mak Jo Si)

Good luck with getting rid of this evil path!

Will the god or deities in the religion get offended by you if you quit?  Don’t even worry about it, their god and deities aren’t real.  All they got is some evil god at the back.  Don’t be scared thought, they are no match to us, just get us and we will be able to help you out the evil path with ease!  We will be able to assist you out even you don’t have to go into Taoism but be a non-religious person afterward!  Just find us to help you out!


Mak Jo Si Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario inside Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kungfu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is positive, friendly, trustworthy and skillful! (more info…)

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