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Colt Government 1911A1 by umarex

So, yesterday I was doing a big cleaning job for a few pistols and this 1911A1 is in the list. After cleaning it inside-out, we got some new insight to the gun and so I would like to add that here as I have commented on this gun recently on a post comparing it to the Tanfoglio Witness 1911 blowback pistol.

After cleaning, lubing and greasing, this gun really changed a lot. First, accuracy improved, power improved, Co2 goes much better and the trigger get very nice and at least easier to pull compare to before even on the DA mode.

Still, I would say this is not a speedy gun because it is a double action gun, the single action is just for show, you can’t or you won’t want to do the pulling of hammer all the time.. and so we just put that feature away.. who cares. It’s a double action gun.  The trigger is not eay but it’s acceptable after the lube.  The only thing is the grip safety, it’s too harsh for the hand on this one, probably not as well build as the Tanfoglio.  You need ts squeeze it to make it work.  The problem is, you get tired easily by it’s weight and effort required to pull the trigger. Shooting this gun… you will say one Co2 full of shots are enough, but for the Tanfoglio, you want to keep shooting all the time.  That’s the difference.  Doesn’t means that this gun is bad, it’s just different.  If you look at it as, this is an 8 shot shooter, with more power.  The other one is less powerful and with about 18 shots each mag.  So it’s like one is the .22 version and one is the .45acp version, of course, the .45 is harder to shoot.  Right?  Now that kind of comparison would be acceptable.

The metal on this gun is blued steel and the other one is not, so that’s another difference in quality as well.  Overall, you will think this gun got quality on the materials but the build just need more work to be good and perfect.  If they can ever make this a blowback and mag feed pistol, it will be so nice. But hey, nothing can be too perfect now, haha!

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