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World and Wisdom of Replica Airguns

In the past, airguns used to be traditional old fashion wood stock rifles or just some boring break barrels or PCP rifle looking guns. Now, airgun is totally different.  We have replica airguns that are made to be very realistic looking and even operating like a real firearm.  The idea maybe from airsoft’s gas blowback guns.  Cybergun have started to convert their 6mm airsoft gas blowbacks (the higher quality ones) into airguns 4.5mm to accept the use of steel balls and still keeping the power and accuracy of the guns.  In tihs article I will talk about the three competitive realistic replica airgun (4.5mm) that is up to today’s fashion and bring out some “wisdom” for you to benefit your daily life and inspire you to open your mind up.

The GSG92 is a replica of the Taurus 92.  It looks more like the Beretta 92FS in some way as well. The gun is made in full metal, even the magazine is metal and only the grip panels are plastic. The weight of the gun is not light at all because the magazine itself is already a bulk of weight with that solid metal butt on the magazine.  You might think the gun is too heavy, but then it is well designed.  The weight on the magazine really distribute the blowback’s recoil well and making the gun kick hard but won’t tilt upward or sideway when it recoils. This is the reason why the magazine’s butt is made to be heavier than normal.  If you don’t understand the reason behind, you will only complain about the weight, but if yuo do, you will appreciate it more.  The magazine holds the most rounds out of the three, 22 shots of steel. This is amazing, you have a full size pistol, with 22-shots, what do you expect. The slide locks back when the magazine is empty, just like a real firearm.  Now, the slide catch lever is just above the trigger guard, for some reason, it serve good with both single and double hand grip style as well. The design for this pistol is very good if you are a single and double handed shooter.  You can have access to the slide release and the mag release button with one hand, making it very speedy for reload.  The gun is just amazing, and it is very accurate as well.  As you can see, this is the groupings I get in 52 shots (one Co2) at a distance of 18ft. Not bad with a double hand shooting method, making a grouping about the size of a bit bigger than a coin.  My bulleye here is about a dollar size coin.  Impressive accuracy for a smooth bore.

The Sig Sauer P226 X-Five is meant to be a gun that can be converted into a race gun as they now have a race gun version for sale already. The gun is speedy, and the slide release is at the back and not in the trigger guard spot anymore. This is due to some reason with the race gun style maybe. You can easily have access the the slide release with your shooting hand (right hand) while you are putting the magazine in with your left. This will give you more speed in shooting and you do not need to reach that far to get your slide release.  Which make sense for a race gun to have such design.  The blowback on this gun is not very hard kicking but you do get a lot of power and kick too.  Usually the first magazine shock you with lots of gas and particles on your face, wear a shooting glasses! haha!   I like that feeling of being slashed though, looks realistic like when you shoot real bullets, all the gun powder flies up your face too.  I tried my 9mm and the black particles all fly over my face and walls too. So why not this airgun?  LOL!  If you are buying THESE types of airguns, you are going to realism and so don’t complain about their “realistic” parts, you need to enjoy them more instead! haha!

Now, with some 9mm around, you really think this is a real deal too.  The gun is so realistic looking and well build.  The gun’s body is fully made with metal and only the grip panels are plastic but they also have that Sig Sauer logo there as well, which is nice!  Holding onto this gun, you feel the weight is very distributed and even it is heavy, you don’t feel the gun is heavy at one spot.  Compare to the GSG92, which the weight is more to the grip, this one have weight all over the gun evenly.  Accuracy of this gun is also amazing if you clean and lube it well, it’s very accurate without doing any mods and changes already, you just need to learn the skills to master it.  Stronger arms always helps.  Now this gun is more modern in design and style compare to the other two pistols, and it have a rail that accept tactical light or laser as well.  This is a bonus feature that really give you more enjoyment in low light shooting as well. The gun can also be field stripped but the job is not as easy as the GSG92 or the 1911 because the construction design inside is harder to take apart. Still, it’s not “that” hard.

Finally, it is the Tanfoglio Witness 1911, with older fashion, but better design and built. This gun is also full metal body and a plastic grip, but the weight and make of the gun is even better than the two above because the weight is very light, and the size is slim, just like the real 1911.  People can put this aside to the real 1911A1 and you can say the two gun’s dimension are exactly the same with all buttons placed at the right place.  When the gun blow back, it blows to the exact same spot as the real 1911A1 pistol as well.  You can even take the 1911A1’s Colt’s factory grip and place it on this one too.  That’s how close the replica is done.  The gun can even be field stripped the same way, just like a real deal. Overall, this gun is better in feel and design.  The blowback on this gun is the hardest, and also most realistic, because the kick is much harder than the above two and it give you that HARD rock like kick and nto a “blowback” feeling, you can call it a “kick back” more than a “blow back”.  It really “kick” you.  If you hold it with both arms straight and do about 4 mags of shots, your shoulder blades do feel something, it’s tiring too even the gun is lighter.  Accuracy is superi0r, you can look at how I tried to shoot a bulleye in 20 feet, giving the target 72 shots straight down with four magazines. It’s proofing to you that the gun is capable of doing long time non-stop shooting without jamming or anything, but also keeping it’s accuracy, power and speed up at the same time.  Great gun for 2011.

Being realistic, we always love spare mags for these replicas and you want the mags to be as realistic as possible but also not loosing the feature to show the Co2 for a reason and that is for you to “hold” onto the Co2 part to warm up the Co2 when you load the steel balls.  Why?  It’s the nature of Co2 guns. When you reload, you want to also warm-up the Co2 to get the pressure back up and so the gun can gain back it’s velocity at the same time.  This 1911’s mag can give you 3.5 to 4 mags full of fun, usually 3.5 mags.  To be safe, let’s say 3 mags.  One Co2 giving you about 3×18= 54 shots, which is not bad for a blowback airgun, it’s very reasonable and you can say the gas is well used as well.

The GSG92’s magazine can shoot about 2.5 mags with one Co2 cart, which is about 22×2.5= 55 shots.  The Sig Sauer gives about the same amount too. In general, all blowback airguns give you about the same amount of shots per Co2 if you want a good hard kicking blowback.  The reason is, the have used the gas for blowing the slide and so that’s how it is.  If you want stonger power on the shots, you will give up the amount of shots per Co2 too. having said that, you will then complain even more.

People always complain about the GSG92 when it’s first promoted to public because they are not used to that kind of 55 shots per Co2 style.  Before the GSG92 was out, most Co2 replicas are using a stick like clip to hold their steel balls and the Co2 is stored in the grip which usually can shoot about 140 shots per Co2 Cart. Now the amount of shots decrease to about 1/3 of the amount they usually get, so people freak out and complain.  Come on, be realistic.  When you are playing with these replicas, you need to keep a mindset and that is you are trying to be “realistic as possible”.  How much does it cost to shoot real bullets?  For expensive .45 and .50 bullets, maybe even $1 per shot!  It’s money burning and it’s a pain to shoot too.  So think about it, when you are shooting these, one Co2 cost about $0.70 and so add up the amount of steel balls which is not much, you are using about less than $1 to shoot 50 shots, that is like using $0.02 per shot.  Very realistic if you compare to shooting .22 bullets.  If you WANT to go realistic and you don’t want to go to the range, these really gives you that realistic part on the money side as well, and so I call them “well made”. When you want to have the realism, you also have to accept the realism in a whole. So don’t complain about the money side, it’s worth it if it gives you that realism.

Loading the magazines can be very hard for beginners. I have trouble loading the 1911 too as I shown in the video before but now I got the trick and so I can load them easily. Loading these mags are fun, you feel like loading real guns with bullets. Just this 1911 already can give you tons of fun in loading the ammo down.  You pull the spring all the way down, it will lock it in place.  The next thing you do is the insert and push each steel balls into the magazine from the top.  Yes, most people got used to the “stick mags” in the past and those you can just pour down a tube of steel balls like water and fill them up really fast.  These you can’t.  Now people complain about it takes so long to load up the mag.  Well, get yourself decided on what you really want first. You want realism?  This is realism.  It’s realistic because when you load a real pistol, even with a “speed loader” it’s still one by one, and you cannot have much easy way out except for doing it more to make the spring lighter and so you can push them down easier.  With this magazine design, you can now see how cool it is to insert the ammo one by one, you feel the vibe going on.  Compare to some 9mm, this already gives you the feeling of “pushing down the bullets”.

How many rounds does a 9mm have?  Maybe these kinds of pistols got 5-7 ruonds?  The 1911 even just have 8 rounds in them if you shoot .45acp.  Some 9mm shoot about 15 or so only.  The replica 1911 gives you 18 rounds, which is quite realistic.  If you grow up with airsoft, you now complain about the amount of shots you have in the mag.  What then?  You want 100 rounds to be stored in the magazine?  No way.  That’s not realistic.   Be realistic my friend.  18-rounds is already a heaven like amount.  You need to appreciate how they are designed to be as realistic as possible to love it.  The guns are so realistic that their mags even give you the feeling of a real deal.  Yes there is a Co2 in the mag and so when you have lots of mags around, you can shoot alot without going on weak gas.  That’s the best part about these pistols compare to the “one Co2 in the grip” style.  You can always just load up a mag and push it in and get shooting again.  So if you are doing a mini IPSC/IDPA game, you can actually just have some mags ready and you are ready to go for as many shots as you want and you won’t go out of gas.  That’s the best part of these guns, all shots are at peak power level as long as your mag is unused.  So have 3-4 mags around and you can enjoy speed reload and rapid fire like me in the video here, shooting the man in black all over the place.  You don’t even have to worry about getting low in gas or the Co2 getting frozen, because when you change mag, it’s a new world again and your old one can sleep.

Be realistc and have a realistic mindset, then you will enjoy the guns much more.  Some people have experience in shooting real firearm and they start to look down on airguns.  Let me tell you, it’s different kinds of joy here. If you enjoy firearm shooting, you should not use the same mindset on airguns because you can’t find a joy here with the same mindset.  You rmindset should be tuned.  Why?   Because can you imagine you can shoot your firearm at home anytime you want without having the cops over?  Can you imagine you can just print out targets and shoot in your room without punching holes to your walls and getting deaf?  Can you imagine spending less for the ammo and shots and not having to drive all the way to the range to practice with only standing in boring position?  These airguns gives you all that fun you want and you can now shoot anywhere, anytime, and not having to pay as much while having the realism you want.  What’s next that you want is maybe only some shell ejecting airguns that can accept mock shells with the steel balls inserted and so when your gun blowback you can even see the shell pops out.  But what then?  People will complain about buying shells are too expensive and loosing the shells in the wild or cannot find the shells after shooting.  Well, guess what, when you get more realistic and realism, people will start to realize the pain in reality, which they want to escape when they go for airguns.  Don’t be silly, the more realistic you get, the more you have to bare with. Reality is not easy going but as long as you know how to appreciate and deal with every situation with wisdom, you can do good in everything.  Here, enjoy a nice poster graphic I have done for you.  The guns are all locked back, realistic?  Yes, and so it’s time to face the reality, don’t hide from reality.  These guns teaches you to learn the gun lesson in reality and real firearm. They are great, and I am loving them so much too.  If you have ever complained about them, good, you are just saying that they are “too real to be airguns”.  Enjoy them with me! :)

Mak Jo Si Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario inside Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kungfu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is positive, friendly, trustworthy and skillful! (more info…)

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