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Five Elements – How Taoist cultivate for Longevity and Healthy Life

You may wonder why Taoist like to aim for longevity or healthy life. Many of you might already knew that Taoist are famous for getting healthy by doing chi gung (qi gong) or martial arts, but how many of you do know the other secret stuff? What? OTHER Secret stuff? Yes. There are more secret stuff to TAoism that no westerners will even heard of and it is even seldom pass on to the public in the Chinese culture as well. The genuine masters treasure this secret because it can turn into a deadly weapon if it is in a bad guy’s hand. So we better becareful and only teach it to the good hearted and truthful students. What is this?

Chi, or qi, are defined into pre-heaven and post-heaven chi. The pre-heaven chi are the chi you get inside your mother’s stomach to give you the initial starting energy to make you alive. There is also a portion of the pre-heaven chi that was from your souls that goes into the baby’s body during pregnancy stage as well. These are the two sources of pre-heaven chi you get as a human being and that is all you got. When you are born, you start to intake post-heaven chi, which is the air you breathe in, the chi from food you eat, and the energy that the environment around you gives out.

Pre-heaven chi are most pure, clean and define. They are unpolluted, define and uniformed. These chi are even more dense than our post-heaven chi on earth. Without earth’s chi pollustion or deforming, the pre-heaven chi stay very clean and crystal clear. The color of the pre-heaven chi are often very sharp, bright, vivid and dense. The post-heaven chi are more foggy, misty, and cloudy with different colors. Of course, I am talking about when you cultivate to a point that you start to see energy in color then you know what I am talking about.

Taoist do chi gung, which detox the chi in your body, to remove and release unwanted, dirty and polluted chi. Then you intake clean and positive chi from the environment such as the air around you, in nature, and so on. This is a process that intake post-heaven chi only. This process is like the cleaning process, removing bad stuff and cleaning the pipes, plumbing and so on.

The cultivations like internal alchemy is also to use your own internal chi to cultivate and boil the chi up inside the body and circulate the body’s chi channels to cultivate the chi inside to make it stronger, bigger and denser as well. This will the empowering process. This is like the cooking process, to take all the food you got and cook it into something you can eat, and something that benefits your body as well. You also make the chi pot bigger with this process as well.

The problem is, you only have limited amount of pre-heavne chi in you and it is so impossible to gain anymore pre-heaven chi unless you take a space-trip to outter space and do the chi gung there to intake chi! But realistically that is not possible because you will die when you go into space without oxygen. HAHA! So that is not possible!

Taoist found the way!

Taoist found the source of the pure and powerful pre-heaven chi, and that is what we call “magic power” – “faat” in Taoism. This is the pre-heaven chi that Taoism use. The word magic is really bad because people will associate it with Harry Potter kind of thing, but then it is really not THAT kind of magic we are talking about. Taoism magic is all about energy, and it is ancient science, it’s theoretical and it is real. It’s not just like you say a spell and a broom pops out, that is just a movie thing. We do ahve to cultivate in Taoism with magic to gain our power, to gain the energy, the pre-heaven chi that allow us to cast what we call magic. Just like in exorcism, you might be confused about the word because the JC guys (Jesus guys) exorcism is totally non-sense. They are more like a movie style kind of thing. It’s totally not what we are talking about in Taoism. Exorcism in Taoism is to deal with negatives in nature that harm human being when you encounter them, just like fighting off viruses and diseases that you will get from time to time.

When we get a cold, we fight it off with medicine.

When you get bothered by some nasty ghosts (spirits), you cannot take a pill and get well. There are NOTHING you can do as a normal human being because you don’t possess a type of energy that can even touch these things. What you need is the “faat” energy we have in Taoism, the pure and powerful pre-heaven chi. This is the type of chi you need that can kick them off. Let me tell you the difference here. For those who watched how the JC guys do their exorcism, it’s more like a torture show, the guy sit int he center and people just try surround the person and keep doing their prayers and bible reading. They even think they have to talk or negotiate to get rid of the “thing”. Theoretically, they are trying to use “post-heaven chi” here by gathering up people, which means more post-heaven chi with more people around and to surround the ghosts which possessed the person and expect the ghost to be affected and leave. The problem is, the post-heaven chi is too weak, and that is why they need like a zillion people to do the job. It is a waste of time and energy because it’s not going to work, it’s going to suppress the spirit abit and then it will come back afterward and the case will never end.

In Taoism, we just need one person to do the magic, and the taoist will draw his swordfinger, charge it up with pre-heaven chi and just SLASH! There the ghost is nuked and killed, once and for all, it is gone. You see how different it is? That’s the special power we cultivate!

Think about this now, if you can cultivate this kind of powerful and clean energy in Taoism, of course your health will go up fast and you will get less sickness as well. It’s just way more powerful than chi gung’s post-heaven chi! For us Taoist, even when we do chi gung, our chi gung is not just post-heaven chi gung as well, we also blend in our pre-heaven chi and make the chi gung more effective and powerful as well. This special ingredient of pre-heaven chi is just so good. How can you miss it out!?

The five elements categorize everything on earth and it explains the connections and relationships between different chi, things, and even or body parts and organs as well. When we know which organ needs healing or detoxing, we can use different methods in chi gung to detox it and charge it up with our pre-heaven chi and strengthen it up quickly to get well again. How come Taoist can achieve longevity? No wonder now, they got something special that normal people don’t have — the pre-heaven chi of magic, “faat”! This type of energy is specially owned by TAoism, you can’t find it if you are not in the lineage, it is not open for all to take as well. Why? Too bad, that’s a bank founded by the ancient Taoist and we cultivate and input to it as time fly by. So it’s a private bank. You want a cup? join the club today! Tin Yat Lineage is opening the doors for you.

Mak Jo Si Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario inside Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kungfu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is positive, friendly, trustworthy and skillful! (more info…)

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