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Kungfu Hammers, this is not an ordinary hammer (antique)

Kungfu Hammers, this is not an ordinary hammer (antique)

Many people know to use hammer (sledge hammer) and a tire to train for power, it is common practice in MMA or any other arts, but in kungfu, we don’t do this. Instead, we use heavy weapons to cultivate for strength that is durable, long lasting and which can be use in combat. Usually when you have to toss something, your body just have to jerk out that dead force and it will do the job, but then if you want to have a consistant power or strnegth, it is totall different.

Try this, if you have a heavy hammer at home, try to swing it up high in the air and let it drop freely back to the original spot, it is easy. Now try to lift the hammer up with your wrist strength SLOWLY and then use the head to draw 3 circles in the air slowly, can you do it? I bet you can’t. This is the problem. Even you can use your dead force to lift something heavy, it is just a blast shot of power, a burst of power, but that is not enough for combat. You need a consistant force that you can apply which then benefit you in many ways. First, your power and strength become durable, long lasting and your grip power can stay strong for a long time, etc,.

Here let me show you 2 weapons, they are antique and had been featured on kungfumagazine before as well.

Little Kungfu Hammer Bats

This pair of hammer is quite heavy but not as heavy as the big one, they are made of metal and wooden grip, each of them feels like a 5lb in hand and when you hold by the handle, you basically do have to use a lot of strength to move it around. Here is a form using this weapon which provide combat skills and also strength training purpose.

Big Kungfu Hammer Bats

This is a bigger version with heavier hammer head and thicker rod, this one weight about 8lb or something each and it is extremely heavy to move around for a normal person because the balance point is way out and the head is very heavy as well. The form below show how to use the weapon, which require less delicated movements, but more direct and simple hits and blocks. One strikc to the arm, your arm is broken, this is a scary weapon.

Training with heavy weapons is not easy, especially with these heavy antiques. Modern weapons now are very light, just like the melon hammer in the video below, it is big, but it is cheap and made of chrome plated steel and the inside is all hollow, so it just looks big, but it is light. The hammer in the video weight onlty about 1.5-2lb each, very light, it feels very floaty too. I don’t like these because they looks like opera props more than a weapon. The old stuff are for battle, and they are never that huge because if it is “forged” and the metal is that big, that means each can be over 60lb, which is rediculous not making sense. So this is why modern weapons don’t give you a good feel of how war weapons are like. But then, it’s hard to find good antiques or even replica of antiques as well.

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