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Taoist Healing and Theory on curing Achilles Pain

Taoist Healing and Theory on curing Achilles Pain

With the theory from the Chinese medic system, we know that the liver is what produce tendons or give the energy to grow tendons or to heal them. If you got any problems like achilles pain, neck pain and so on, these are often tendon’s problem that cause the pain. In Chinese medic, we say that 骨正筋柔, when the bones are aligned right, the tendons will soften. We must know that it is not always the tendon that was hurt, it could be the bones not aligned right due to bad posture of sleeping, sitting, or driving etc, and cause the bad alignment of the bones and resulting in the dislocate of tendons and your bones can be just tilted or offset so that the tendons are always in pain. If you tried going to massage, accupuncture, herbs, and nothing works, not even those liniments and cream works, that means you got to try our stuff. We are the Taoist who talk about health, longevity and rejuvennation. We know how to get your body fix, it’s just that you need to also do it yourself at home. Nothing can fix your problem without you moving yourself, and so yes, you got to get up and do some workout with us.

When you have these pain, please please please, do not exercise in the western way, jogging, running, doing stretches, weight lift, these will not work. It will make you get worst instead. The problem with the western way of workout is that it will make your body tire out but they do not give you the health benefit in the long run because they do not workout the internals but only the externals. It looks good, sweat a lot and you feel tired and exhausted, but then that is not he way to go if you like to have health and a good healthy body and mind even in your 60’s or 80’s.

The theory of Chinese medic say that by exercising too much, you sweat and get exhausted, it will harm your inner energy of the kidney and in result damage your health in the long run. If you do not follow the nature’s pattern and exercise the wrong way in the wrong season, you will also get harm as well.

Spring time is the season of wood element, and it is the season that flows the energy that nourish your liver and gall bladder as well. In the theory of five elements, we can see that liver is also related to the eyes and the tendons as well. Therefore, by exercising the correct way in the spring time is the time to fix and cure your tendons and tendon pains! But then, how? stretch more? No no no. That is not the way to go.

Before you want to build up wood element energy, the five element cycle tells you that water element is what give birth to wood element. Therefore if you want the liver to grow stronger and have the energy to produce new cells, you need to give it some batteries. Where is this battery? The water element — which is your kidney!

First thing first, reduce yuor sexual activities. This is the one big thing that gets people a very bad and weak kidney in the modern days. People are too into sex and they don’t know that by doing it all the time you damage your kidney and you drain up the kidney’s energy and so it will age. Yes your kidney can produce and produce more things that sex needs but then you will wear it out even it can still run. Just like a car, yes, you can keep adding gasoline, but if you drive all the time, the tires and the engine will wear out and eventually die faster too. So if you want to cure your tendons, first thing first, stop your sexual activities or at least cut back on this. Sleep and rest more if you can as well. Do not stay up late. 1-3am is the hour that your liver can rest and get nourished, sleep at that time is very important for a normal person!

Beers, liquor, wine, alcohol and greasy food are the killer for your liver because fat and alcohol can harm it. So also reduce or avoid over-consumption of liquor, fat and greasy food and so on.

Before curing and healing, knowing how to avoid doing more damage is the first thing to learn. If you know how to heal and cure, but you keep on damaging it, there is no point to heal it because it won’t work anyway. You are wasting your time. So please don’t overlook the importance of these little things!

After knowing how to avoid doing stupid things that can damage your liver and kidney and harm your tendons more, now we can go into the Taoist way of cultivation, qi gong. Qi gong is not something that you can just do it yourself because there is a systematic way to learn it and do it, if you don’t have a good master to guide you through properly, you can end up messing up your body even more. Not doing more or all the chi kung is good for you, your master must know you well and know how to teach the right things to you at the right time as well. Therefore, we here offer you all the opportunity to learn from me if you like. E-mail me for the information!

What I suggest you learn to cure your problem is not hard to learn but it takes some time to do everyday, Let’s say 20-30mins? Jsut to cure it permanently, not bad!

1. Six sound healing qi gong that detox your liver and kidney
2. A few standing qi gong that intakes “chi” to your organs and strengthen it.
3. The Taoist way to extend your tendsona and pull the boens which fix the problem you got right now.
4. Tendons Changing Qi Gong, Yi Jin Jing, which is a method to strengthen and generate new tendons for your body!
5. Marrow washing qi gong, Xi zhu jing, which is a concluding qi gong to help you conceal and seal up everything you cultivated in the session adn let your body go back to a normal state which is the KEY to get results QUICK!

In the past, masters don’t teach you the #5 and you can be a student forever because no matter what you do, how hard you train, you can not advance or imporve much. With #5 done RIGHT, you will improve and advance like a rocket in a short time! Therefore it is very important to learn it from a good master. Now, you want to fix your problem? e-mail me!

Mak Jo Si Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario inside Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kungfu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is positive, friendly, trustworthy and skillful! (more info…)

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