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Usage of Rebreakable Tiles – Not Crap at All

The Rebreakable Tiles

First, I have read reviews and comments on the rebreakable tiles on the internet before and maybe you also have read them as well.  Here, let’s throw these comments all in the trash. They are not honest and not giving you anything good to read. Why?  It’s because most people are trying to “compare” these tiles to real boards or real tiles and it’s just non-sense.  Make sure you know what you are buying first, it’s call “rebreakable tiles”, a new invention that allow you to stack up a pile and break because of it’s design. The tiles are made by machines and so they do have their standard for each, it’s not like one stronger than the other or whatever. All red are the same strength, all blue are the same strength. They are not potato chips, they do have the ability to withstand a certain amount of force.  The red can stand 80lb of force, the blue can stand 70lb of force. as tested in our video!  That’s 10lb difference but it is already a good amount, do you know why it is made such a way?  Well, if you don’t, then you are missing out the best part of the tiles here.  Don’t try to compare real tiles and these, it’s not how you should enjoy it, that’s not right.

When you can measure the amount of force required to break open one tile, you can stack up a pile and do the math. 3 blue ones will take 70 x 3 = 210 lb of force to break all apart. 3 red will take you 3 x 80lb = 240 lb to break apart.  Now you see the pattern?  It’s not about breaking ONE tile, it’s about breaking how many stacked tiles that can give you the fun and joy here because you can then really measure how many lb of force you can output in a strike to break open how many tiles!   Easy for you?  Keep stacking until you cannot break it all then measure from there, how many lb of force is that you are applying?  Do tweak around and subtract one or two boards, replace one red with a blue in the stack and try again.. if you can just break it all with one blow, that’s the level you are at~  hey, if you are using rebreakable boards, that’s going to be hard to do because each board’s difference is very far apart.  You can’t get that kind of precision in the measure there. So these tiles give you the little minor difference between each tiles.

Let’s say… (for example)

3 red – 240 lb

3 blue – 210 lb

3 red 1 blue – 310 lb

2 red 2 blue – 300lb

1 red 3 blue – 290 lb

can you see the diffference is so small?  now you can adjust yourself and test your own strength level.  It’s not crap at all. These tiles are made for stacking and so you need to know how to usee them properly. Some cheap guys just bought one and started commenting about it.. of course you don’t get to enjoy it!  That’s the wrong way to use the tiles!   Well, yes, it is expensive if you have to buy a lot but then that’s how you invest into your training!  Buying a heavy bay or a wooden dummy is not cheap too, why these have to be cheap?  Your mindset have to be tune and tweak if you aren’t respecting your training that much.  It’s just investment into your own training!

Let’s see more..

3 red 2 blue – 380 lb

3 red 3 blue – 450 lb

2 red 3 blue – 370 lb

do you start to see some pattern?  it’s like a dumbbell rack here. You can now see the ladder up..

210lb, 240lb, 290lb, 300lb, 310lb, 370lb, 380lb, 450lb…. of course I am skipping here, if you want more combo there is more in between… the difference is so small that you can just tweak around to get the amount of lb you want and hit it open with one strike and see if your strike can give that much power!  Trust me, it’s not that easy when you want to break a big stack!  Yes, it’s not crappy now.  How can you have such good precise measurements of the force applied with the boards?  The rebreakable boards are different, even the lowest level require about 50-60lb of weight to break and so you are now talking about a big difference there.  Add one board and that’s already a big jump, plus they don’t have space between the boards and so the boards are all stacked together with no space, and the pads are giving it more absorbing ability and so you are not getting any accurate measurement… like 2 black boards is not 200lb x 2 there, it’s more than 200lb x 2 because the paddings will distributes and eats all that force you are giving too, so it takes more than 400lb to break 2 black!  Yes you might be able to do it but then the measurements are not right there.  With tiles, you don’t have this problem, all measurements are easily done and clear.  Just keep adding until you are at the point where you cannot break more and then tweak around the numbers to see where you are really at!

For a full combo list of 3 red and 3 blue tiles, here you can see it all!

1 red                                          80

2 red                                          160

3 red                                          240

1 blue                                        70

2 blue                                        140

3 blue                                        210

1 red 1 blue                            150

1 red 2 blue                            220

1 red 3 blue                            290

2 red 1 blue                            230

2 red 2 blue                            300

2 red 3 blue                            370

3 red 1 blue                            310

3 red 2 blue                            380

3 red 3 blue                            450

70 . 80 . 140 . 150 . 160 . 210 . .220 . 230 .240 . 290 . 300 . 310 . 370 . 380 . 450 — this is your rack!  Can you believe you can have such precise readings of your own level?  Get more and you can have more precise readings!  The more tiles, the more combos!!!

Also, here is a comparison, this brand here we got at is better than the Century one.  Century rebreakable tiles are weaker build and they are in 3 levels, the facotry readings of the strength for each is :

  • Yellow Beginner – 48.5 lbs
  • Blue Intermediate – 52.9 lbs
  • Red Advanced – 57.3 lbs

Which is no good, they are too weak compare to this 70lb and 80lb tile!

I personally will prefer the version, it’s stronger, better build and of course last longer than these weak boards. So don’t miss out the cool tiles here and you can always get them at, it’s not crap, it’s just that you need to know how to play the game properly.

See our video below for the review!

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